Spend Notifications

Spend notifications are in place across all of our services to help you keep track of how much money you are spending on services that Allstar Psychics provide.

£10 Ongoing Spend Notification for UK Services

€10 Ongoing Spend Notification for ROI Services

You will receive a £10/€10 spend reminder every time we attempt to send you a total of 10 billed messages, equalling a monetary sum of £10/€10.

£240 Monthly Spend Notification for UK Services

€240 Monthly Spend Notification for ROI Services

You may spend a maximum of £240/€240 within a calendar month on services that Allstar Psychic provide. If you reach this limit, your access to the service for the remainder of the calendar month with be temporarily suspended. You won’t be able to use our services until the following calendar month.

How we calculate your Spend Notifications

We calculate your spend based on the total amount of messages that we have submitted to your phone. Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours to hear back from your network whether or not you have received your message from us, as a precaution, we count all of these messages as if they have delivered to your device. You won’t be charged for any messages that you don’t receive, but we will still count these towards your spend totals. We’ve listed below some reasons why we may be unable to deliver a message to your phone;

- Out of credit

- Blocked by your network from accessing premium content

- Device switched off

- No roaming ability

- No network signal

We would always advise that you check your bill to see the charges that have been applied by your network.


Remember, we only ever send you a premium SMS message if you have sent in a question to be answered. This is not a subscription service. All of our promotional messages start with “FreeMSG” and they are exactly that; completely free to receive. If you don’t wish to receive further promotional messages, following the instructions on the SMS to opt out, or use our online form.


If you have any further questions or queries on Spend Notifications, please use our online form and contact our Customer Care.

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